I'm Gonna Make It

Through so many dangers
And toils of this life
I have already come
But He keeps on giving the grace
And the strength to just keep pressing on
He's given a promise and I'm gonna stand
On every Word His Holy Word has said
And holding His hand I'll never fear
Whatever lies ahead.

I'm gonna make it,
He's already said that I would
I'll keep on trusting that He's working
Everything for my good
He walks beside me
And heaven is in my view
Oh, I'm gonna make it through

In spite of the good intentions I've had
Sometimes my strength can fail
And though I have tried the very best that I could
My weaknesses prevail
Then I remember the promise He made
That in my weakness He is strong
And that's when I know whatever may come
His steady hand will lead me on
And on, and on.


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